Heavy oil... just got...
...a whole lot lighter!
This Undiscovered Tech Company, Petrosonic (PSON), holds the key to:
Freeing up 33% of America's in-demand pipeline capacity
Making big-oil eager to save 15-20 dollars per barrel shipped
Eliminating environmentally toxic 'diluent' chemicals
Reducing America's reliance on shipping oil by rail

Not to mention the chance
for YOU to experience exploding returns...

And believe it or not, there's far more to Petrosonic's (PSON) story that I'll reveal to you along the way.

Like how Petrosonic's proven technology also holds the key to the economical development of...

6 trillion barrels of additional oil…

You heard me right, 6 TRILLION BARRELS.

On top of that, this cutting-edge, game-changing
patented technology also. . .
Slashes the cost of refining heavy oil by 8-14 dollars a barrel.
Radically improves heavy oil quality, marketability and pricing.
Is 100% environment friendly.
Eliminates 40% of Sulfur content.
Cuts metals content by approximately 70%.

You Could Have Made a Fortune If You’d Invested When Horizontal Drilling and Fracking Signaled the Shale Oil Revolution.

Now, another new technology, PSON’s “Sonic Separation” sets the stage for the NEXT revolution.

Tens of new billionaires and hundreds of new millionaires were made over the last several years when savvy investors were early to recognize a revolution was taking place in the oil industry.

I’m talking about the shale oil revolution made possible by incredible advances in horizontal drilling and an ingenious process called hydro-fracturing.

Advances in engineering now enable a drill-bit that’s already fought its way vertically through a mile of solid rock to turn sideways and continue drilling horizontally for another mile or more.

Then, through a process of high-pressure steam and chemicals called hydro-fracturing, oil is “squeezed” from the rock along the entire length of that horizontal drill hole and pumped to the surface.

These amazing new technologies have made North Dakota the Saudi Arabia of light sweet crude. The shale oil revolution represents a major step in America’s path to energy independence.

Maybe you caught that wave of opportunity. Maybe you had yourself a piece of Kodiak energy (good for a profit of 5,557%) or Northern Oil and Gas (you could have raked in a gain of 1,372%).

Great if you did.

But don’t fret if you didn’t.

Because you’re about to get another shot. Act now and you can cash in big time on America’s NEXT oil revolution.

Now, just as the shale oil revolution was made possible by the development of two incredible new technologies, another new breakthrough technology is about to enable a second major revolution.

It’s going to reshape America’s (and the entire world’s) oil industry.

The next and soon to explode revolution is really all about. . .

The Age of Heavy Oil

Heavy oil, as you probably know, is the thick, gooey stuff trapped in oil sands.

We’ve known for decades that (according to the U.S. Dept. of Energy) the U.S. alone sits atop an estimated 180 billion barrels of heavy oil.

But the problem with heavy oil is that – until now – it’s been too thick and gooey to send through pipelines without a costly process of dilution.

Heavy oil also contains high levels of sulfur and heavy metals that make it expensive to refine. In fact, only a limited number of refineries can handle heavy oil.

As a consequence, heavy oil sells at a 30-40 dollar discount over the price of light sweet crude.

A second chance to get in on the ground floor:
The heavy oil revolution

The heavy oil age is about to be launched by an incredible new patented technology that takes that thick, gooey heavy oil as it comes out of the ground and – on the spot, right at the well head – converts it into a nice, free-flowing semi-liquid that can be pumped easily through conventional pipelines without costly refining or dilution by environmentally toxic chemicals.

Now, that's a bold claim, but as you'll see, you have far more than Petrosonic's word on it.

And I guarantee you I'll get to all the technical details a little later.

But first I just want to give you a quick overview of the potential this one company and it's revolutionary technology has for impacting the oil industry...and your net worth if you're smart enough to be holding Petrosonic (PSON) in your portfolio. 

So, like I said above, this technology makes it possible to process heavy oil such that it can flow through a pipeline. It's called Partial Upgrading

Partial upgrading means no more need to dilute the oil so it can move through a pipeline only to be processed at some distant full upgrading facility. The result: partial upgrading has become more attractive to America's oil industry.

But how is on-the-spot partial upgrading possible?

Well, one of the most alluring facts about Petrosonic's process is that the capital expenditure or 'capex' needed to set up a plant is so very low. How low?

We're talking only 7.4 million dollars for a 1000-barrel-per-day plant. That's compared to hundreds of millions of dollars needed for plants that use competing processes.

With Petrosonic, as many of these lean-and-mean plants as are needed can simply be set up right at the source. In other words, this is a scalable solution for processing heavy oil.

But wait, it gets better than that. Thanks to on-the-spot processing, the heavy oil isn't so heavy any more.

That means oil companies don't have to add diluents to thin out the oil so it can move through pipelines. And no diluents means the pipeline companies can suddenly ship about 33% more oil.

Now, you might be wondering why should you care about any of this? What do big-oil and pipeline companies have to do with you realizing enviable returns?

Well, all these factors come together to present you with 2 unprecedented money-making opportunities. And here they are. . .

First Money-Making Opportunity
The vast majority of crude oil shipped in America and Canada already moves by pipeline. That means big-oil has a huge vested interest in pipeline effectiveness. And that means anything...and I mean ANYTHING...that makes pipelines more effective, makes big-oil richer.
With Petrosonic in the picture, and no diluents needed, big-oil can realize shipping at less cost. How much less? About 15-20 dollars per barrel. . . not that ALL those savings would get passed on to big-oil...Petrosonic will be sure to take its fair share first. But every dollar of savings that DOES get passed on to the big-oil companies means 100% marginal profit for them.
And THAT'S why they'll want to invest in Petrosonic's technology. And whether Petrosonic's price goes up as a result, or they get bought out, you win either way...if you're holding PSON's stock
Second Money-Making Opportunity
Transporting oil by pipeline compared to rail is already much cheaper. And with the cost of diluent taken out of the equation, shipping by pipeline becomes even cheaper, which not only makes big-oil richer, but also guarantees they won't want to ship any other way.
So all the more reason for them to invest in Petrosonic's technology. And once again, whether Petrosonic's price goes up as a result, or they get bought out, you win either way...if you're holding PSON's stock.
But big-oil companies aren't the only players that will be itching to invest in this patented technology.

No diluent means more room available in the pipelines. Which means more oil being shipped. Which means the pipeline companies make more money too since they get paid royalties for each barrel shipped. So they'll have their own reasons to invest.

Still other billion-dollar players that will
want to get their hands on Petrosonic

Yes, big-oil will want it. Yes, pipeline companies will want it.

But there's also the fact that Petrosonic's partial upgrading process raises the once-heavy-oil's API gravity to the 16° to 21° degree range. (API measures how heavy or light oil is. As API goes up, the oil not only flows through pipelines more easily. . .it can also be refined more easily.)

And that gives U.S. refineries – yet another group of billion-dollar companies – a huge reason to be interested in Petrosonic's (PSON) technology.

Why's that? Because most U.S. refineries miss out on this huge market because they simply can't refine heavy oil. But thanks to the Petrosonic process, and the oil now having a lighter API, more U.S. refineries will have more product they can refine.

On top of all those reasons for billion-dollar companies to be interested in Petrosonic's patented technology, there also the simple fact that higher API oil is more valuable. . .the very process of partial upgrading results in an oil that fetches higher prices.

Just how much do you think the big boys will be scrambling over each other for a way to make a technology like that their very own. . .or at least get a license for it.

And I haven't even mentioned yet that Petrosonic's partial upgrading process...

Slashes the cost of heavy oil by
as much as 14 dollars a barrel

Not only does this patented technology make heavy oil more cost-competitive with conventional oil, this breakthrough process also eliminates 40% of the unwanted sulfur content and 70% of the heavy metals.

And, its environmental impact is zero. No chemicals, no toxic wastes.

And it’s super energy efficient, not requiring huge amounts of electricity.

Not to mention that it uses far less solvents than other companies out there trying to compete in the emerging partial-upgrading space (Petrosonic's solvent ratio per barrel of oil is between 2:1 to 4:1 while its competitors' solvent ratios are from 4:1 to 8:1. . .or more than twice PSON's upper limit.)

So, if you missed phase one of the shale oil revolution – the development of horizontal drilling, fracking and the rush to develop the vast Bakken oil shale of Wyoming and South Dakota. . .

Now’s your chance to get in on the next big thing – phase two of the revolution is making all that heavy oil economically competitive.

Making heavy oil more affordable is the answer to the world’s energy crisis.

It means your children, or your grandchildren, or even their children, will never run out of oil.

It could also mean you’ll never ever run out of money again. Provided you get yourself some Petrosonic stock (PSON) now while it’s still trading around 40-cents.

All of big oil is going to have to have this patented technology. They’ll be willing to pay dearly for it. That’s why I consider this a massive opportunity for:
10X Your Money – It’s almost a given as soon as the rest of Wall Street realizes that this is a true game-changer.
20 X Your Money – is much closer to my down-the-road expectation.
50 X Your Money – isn’t unrealistic if an Exxon or BP decides it wants to own the exclusive rights to the technology.

I cannot say it more clearly nor urgently:
You should be buying shares of Petrosonic (PSON) NOW while you can still get them around 40-cents.

Why am I so certain PSON will be a huge long-term profit maker (potentially delivering even bigger returns than if you’d gotten in on Apple)? Five indisputable facts:

  1. The world is running out of conventional oil and what supply there is, is threatened by international tensions.
  2. The world needs about 60 million barrels per day of new crude production by 2040 to offset declining fields and to meet demand growth.
  3. Heavy oil is the only realistic replacement for conventional oil.
  4. Heavy oil is abundant, but has been more costly to produce.
  5. Petrosonic owns the patent on the game-changing technology that slashes the cost of bringing heavy oil to market. Big oil needs it to succeed, and Petrosonic’s business model is to license the use of its technology without the need for capitalization on its part.
If you’re interested in getting in early on the
NEXT really big thing. . . this is it:

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In short, we’ve been on a massive roll…and we are just getting started.

I’m writing to you today to tell you about the next big thing:

The Age of Heavy Oil
(It’s not so “HEAVY” anymore)

Just the ugly fear that Iran could choke off the world’s supply of conventional oil by blockading the straits of Hormuz is going to explode this still-undiscovered tech stock (PSON) through the roof.


Because the world’s only viable alternative to Middle East oil is what’s known as heavy oil. Heavy oil is abundant, but, as I’ve been saying, until now, it has cost a lot more to bring to market than conventional oil.

But now, one high-tech company, Petrosonic (PSON), has a patent on a breakthrough technology that slashes costs by 8-14 dollars a barrel. It means suddenly, there’s about 6 trillion more barrels of economically-recoverable oil available to the world.

And vast amounts of that heavy oil are right here in the U.S.

The affordable development of heavy oil is about to reshape the oil industry.

And getting in now on the revolutionary breakthrough that will make it all possible, could be like being an early investor in Rockefeller’s Standard Oil. Heavy oil is about to undergo explosive growth.

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), about 70% of the world’s known oil reserves (some 6 trillion barrels) are heavy oil, characterized by high viscosity (resistance to flow).

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, we’ve got up to 180 billion barrels of recoverable heavy oil right here in the United States.

How much oil is that?

  • It's equal to 83% of all the conventional oil reserves of Saudi Arabia. . .
  • Two and a half times more than in all of Russia. . .
  • And it’s almost half of all the oil in Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, and Canada combined.

Adding 6 trillion barrels to the world’s oil reserves will turn energy markets upside down and redistribute the international balance of power.

It means even oil-hungry China and India will be able to get the oil they so desperately need.

And it could make millionaires out of savvy investors who get in early.

This is about making America’s (as well as the rest of the world’s) vast and until-now, prohibitively expensive reserves of heavy oil, commercially competitive with conventional lighter crudes.

Until now, those thick, molasses-like heavy oils have been costly to bring to market, because they couldn't be pipe-lined or refined without extensive, costly, and environmentally-damaging processing.

Until now, that is.

I’m talking about a patented, breakthrough technology that. . .

eliminates all of the cost and environmental roadblocks
that have impeded the development of America’s vast,
(180 billion barrel) heavy oil deposits.

Overnight, this amazing technology means that there is enough oil to keep the entire world going for another hundred years or so.

In a moment, you’ll understand. . .

  • How this ingenious, game-changing and patented technology works. . .
  • Why it could be worth trillions of dollars to the oil industry. . .
  • Why big-oil could soon pay Petrosonic a royalty for every barrel of heavy oil it pumps. . .
  • And why buying shares of still-undiscovered Petrosonic (PSON) now (at around 40-cents) could end any worries you may have about money or retirement.

This is one of those defining technological breakthroughs, like Edison’s light bulb. . .or Kittyhawk. . .Sputnik. . .or the microchip, after which nothing was ever the same.

I kid you not.

In essence, we’re talking about. . .

Upping the world’s supply
of economically recoverable oil by 70%

And best of all, very few American investors are aware yet that Petrosonic (PSON) has recently announced the successful completion of a third party engineering feasibility analysis and validation of its proprietary Sonoprocess™ sonic de-asphalting technology.

In other words, it isn't only Petrosonic that's making these claims. Instead, an independent engineering firm has now verified and reaffirmed the strong results Petrosonic already obtained in their own internal testing.

Or to put it even more bluntly. . .

This stuff is proven to work

You see, on June 10, 2014, Petrosonic announced the good-news results they received from the engineering firm Gas Liquids Engineering (GLE). GLE is located right in the center of Canada's oil industry, Calgary, Alberta. And they're no stranger to partial upgrade technology.

In fact, one of Petrosonic's competitors, the 8-billion dollar company Meg Energy, also chose GLE to run its partial upgrade technology verification study.

Fortunately for Petrosonic (and its investors), PSON has a one-stage process – compared to Meg Energy's two-stage process – and a capex of only 7.4 million dollars – compared to hundreds of millions of set up costs for competing plants.

So how did Petrosonic (PSON) react to the good news? Here's just a bit of what Petrosonic's CEO, Art Agolli, had to say:

  • "We are pleased and excited. . ."
  • ". . .for the first time, we now have validation of the scale potential of our technology. . ."
  • "We can now show prospective customers and partners a complete engineering plan for a turnkey plant and a truly compelling economic model for plant operation."

They were also savvy enough to file provisional patents on the base case scenario process used in the study.

And remember how I mentioned earlier that Petrosonic's (PSON) technology uses far less solvents than other partial-upgrading competitors? Well, this study also validated PSON's solvent recovery process.

In other words, PSON was already more cost effective by using less solvents, but now they also have a way to recover more of that solvent, making their technology even more efficient, valuable and desirable to those billion-dollar oil industry players.

But Petrosonic has its eye on creating more value still

You'd think that with this third party validation in their corner, the Petrosonic team might just settle back on its accomplishments and coast ahead to a massive buyout or sign licensing agreements with whoever agrees to pay the most to tap this amazing process. But not this team.

They want to create even more value. That's why they mandated another third party firm, Western Research Institute, to host a pilot plant that runs on a different solvent (liquid propane) than the solvent used in the base case study (pentane).

Why use liquid propane instead of pentane? Several reasons:

  • It's a better solvent
  • It's a more readily available solvent (especially with all the new U.S. liquids production from places such as Eagle Ford and the Marcellus Shale)
  • It's a cheaper solvent (50 dollars/barrel or less compared to 100 dollars/barrel for pentane)
  • It ensures Petrosonic isn't vulnerably dependent on only one type of solvent

In other words, Version 2 of the Petrosonic process will be even better than Version 1.

In other words, this team is thinking smart. Thinking ahead. And thinking how to make themselves as attractive as possible to the oil industry's players.

And what should smart investors be thinking about all this? First, that the Version 2 report results will become public knowledge as soon as they're available. Second, that more good news will make PSON even more desirable. Third, that the time to load up on a stock is BEFORE it explodes. In other words, NOW.

Don't worry. In a minute you’ll discover all the fascinating details on Petrosonic and why it represents a paradigm shift in the energy world as you read on.

But briefly, before you get to the details, here’s what I think is likely to happen to this 40-cent stock, PSON.

Worth Trillions to Big OIL

Because heavy oil (70% of the world’s untapped reserves) is so critical to the future, big oil and China in particular, are absolutely going to need and want Petrosonic’s patented, cost-cutting technology.

Do you think China is dumb enough to trust OPEC for the oil it needs to keep its economy growing?

Do you think the Chinese are going to continue to put up with the Russians gouging them on the oil they export?

No way…

And with control of this heavy-oil game changer, China would control the world’s heavy oil reserves.

That’s why, starting this fall, I predict you’re going to see a steady stream of top-level, Chinese engineers and technology firms courting Petrosonic for the rights to manufacture and distribute the patented Petrosonic technology (not to mention the right to license it to other players in the energy industry).

Once China and the rest of big-oil engineers are confident this patented sonic reactor technology is scalable (which is made possible by PSON's lower capex of only 7.4 million dollars per 1000-bbl plant) and can be made to accommodate unlimited quantities of heavy oil (which their third party engineering feasibility analysis and validation announcement goes a long way toward), I expect you’ll see the Chinese butting heads with the Exxons and BPs of the world, jockeying to buy Petrosonic.

How much would China’s National Offshore Oil Corp or giant Exxon or BP pay to own an 18% cost advantage over its heavy oil competitors?

Who knows for certain. But given the trillions of dollars at stake, do you think 2 billion dollars sounds out of line? I don’t. Not at all. Not given some of the recent multi-billion deals made recently in the oil patch.

China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC), for example, paid 15.1 billion dollars for Canadian heavy oil producer Nexen in 2013. The Chinese will need Petrosonic’s patented technology to economically pipe all that Alberta heavy oil to Canada’s west coast for shipment to their homeland.

And if China were to buy sole rights to the technology for a mere 2 billion dollars, each of those shares of PSON that you can buy now for around 40-cents would be worth 30.95 dollars.

Am I being overly optimistic? I think not...

In fact, I think there’s a very real possibility that, long-term, you could do even better than that. It just depends upon whether Petrosonic settles for the fast money of a buyout, or decides to hang in and build its own heavy-oil empire.

For example, say some Chinese tech firm or energy player licenses the Petrosonic technology (which I'm sure they will). They'll have to pay a royalty for every barrel of oil produced using the Petrosonic technology.

Now, that royalty would probably be along the lines of 5% of the current per-barrel oil price. (The royalty might be even higher, but let's just say it's 5% for now.)

Even at a 5% royalty, I’m thinking Petrosonic might turn up its nose at even a 2 billion dollars takeover offer.

Here’s why:

At an average of 100 dollars per barrel, a 5% royalty generates revenue for Petrosonic of 5 dollars a barrel.

Now, here’s where it gets really interesting.

According to an analysis recently published by World Refining & Fuel Services, heavy oil production is estimated to reach 12.3 million barrels a day by 2020.

If just ten percent of the world’s heavy oil producers have upgraded by then to the use of sonic reactors, (why would they not?) that would equate to 1.23 million barrels a day. With an average royalty of 5.00 dollars a barrel that works out to potential. . .

Daily revenue of 6,150,000 dollars
or annual revenue of 2,244,750,000 dollars

That’s 2.244 Billion dollars (with a “B”) per year.

That’s projected possible income in the year 2020. There’s also all the billions that would have come cascading in since Petrosonic’s early years.

If you missed out on these past profits, Petrosonic (PSON) could be your chance of a lifetime to make a killing in the heavy oil sector.
  • Kodiak Energy (KOG) gained 5,557% in just 35 months.
  • Northern Oil and Gas (NOG) was up 1,372% in 22 months
  • Petro Hawk gained 657% before BP bought it out
  • SM Energy (SM) gained 641% in 27 months
  • Whiting Petroleum (WLL) was up 634% in 24 months
  • GeoResources (GEOI) jumped 632% in just 25 months
  • Continental Resources (CLR) gained 438% in 11 months
  • Brigham Exploration (BEXP) was up 150.5% just 20 months
  • Oasis Petroleum (OAS) popped 145% in just 9 months. . .

And, note, that involves no capital outlay by Petrosonic. It’s a straight royalty deal for use of its patented technology.

Yes, it’s mind-boggling.

Look for a 5-bagger in the
next 6-12 months.

But, while your head is spinning with thoughts of immense future gains, let’s not lose sight of the near future. When Wall Street suddenly has that “aha moment” and grasps the full implications of this technology, I expect this 40-cent stock to climb quickly to 3.50 dollars. . .on its way to 4 dollars. . . and soon thereafter to 5 dollars.

My advice – Buy now at 40-cents. . .sell a quarter of your stock at 3.50 dollars for a five-bagger. . . another quarter at 4.50 dollars for a gain of 650%. . .and then forget about the rest of it until takeover rumors push it to the 25-30 dollar range.

Now are you beginning to grasp the scope of this thing? And why I’m urging all my readers to put some money into Petrosonic (PSON) now before Wall Street wakes up to all this?

Okay, let’s get into the details...

  • An end to the oil crisis...
  • A paradigm shift in the energy world...
  • The investment opportunity of your lifetime

It’s a game changer.

It means that heavy oil is about to become cost competitive with conventional crude.

And, thanks to this new low-cost sonic technology, the process is 100 percent friendly to the environment. . .and represents an instant end to the environmental controversy often surrounding the heavy oil industry.

Conventional heavy oil upgrading:
Only works on a very large scale, a minimum 50,000 bpd
High Capital Cost of greater than 20,000 dollars/bpd capacity
Complex engineering involving very high temperature and pressure
Long lead time
Water intensive with environmental concerns.

Here’s how this breakthrough Sonic process works:

The Petrosonic reactor bypasses all the drawbacks of conventional upgrading using its patented low-frequency high-energy / high-amplitude reactor design and cuts the normal 6 to 10+ hours of de-asphalting time down to only 2 minutes.

Its patented Sonoprocess™ uses clean-tech sonic energy to de-asphalt heavy oil at much smaller scale and lower capital costs than conventional upgraders and without use of water or release of emissions in the atmosphere.

Powerful electromagnetic drive puts the reactor’s massive steel bar into high amplitude resonance. In layman’s language, the massive steel bar vibrates at a very low frequency, sending out sound waves that modify naturally occurring structures within the heavy oil.

The collapse, or implosion of the resulting bubbles generates intense localized heat and pressure, resulting in a disruption of the bonds that bind the hydrocarbons to the asphaltenes.

The entire process is conducted at standard pressure and temperature making it suitable for small and medium heavy oil producers as well as the energy giants.

A single sonic reactor can processes up to ~ 1,000 bopd and the processing capacity can be increased modularly, meaning the technology is a realistic solution for small and medium heavy oil producers, transporters and refiners as well as the energy giants.

It’s light years ahead of conventional heavy oil upgrading because...

  • It’s a non-thermal process with zero risk of toxic air emissions.
  • No waste by-products – soil can be used as backfill
  • Contaminant destruction to non-detect levels
  • Scalable capacity for different size sites
  • Environmentally approved and certified
  • Resonance allows efficient design with no moving parts
  • Totally friendly to the environment - there are no emissions and no water use
  • Efficient use of power.
  • Faster, more uniform & effective process reactions

Here’s another huge advantage of the sonic process over the use of diluting the heavy oil to facilitate its piping.

At the completion of the Petrosonic upgrading process, the upgraded oil is separated from the solvent through a standard solvent recovery process such as an evaporator or distillation column.

The recovered solvent is then reused at the solvent de-asphalting stage to complete the closed loop on the Petrosonic upgrading process.

Not only is the process itself environmentally friendly, but its outcomepartially upgraded heavy oil – means no need for toxic diluents in pipelines, which makes it doubly environmentally friendly.

But what about that nasty by-product of partial upgrading: asphaltenes? Usually considered a menace in the oil field, asphaltenes are best known for clogging wells, surface facilities and flowlines.

And since heavy oil contains more asphaltenes than lighter oils, for Petrosonic's partial upgrading process to be an environmental success, the Company needs to offer a way to deal with asphaltene by-products.

Once again, Petrosonic shines. They don't just provide ONE WAY to deal with asphaltenes. No, they provide THREE WAYS. . .they're even poised to use those ways to create revenue from complementary markets (more on how that helps make PSON a sure bet a bit later).

Only Petrosonic has the technology and it’s patented.

Petrosonic has developed a simple, cost effective commercial process that improves heavy oil viscosities by 99% to pipeline specifications while also reducing sulphur and heavy metals by over 50%.

Depending on regional markets, the Petrosonic process slashes the traditionally higher costs of processing heavy oil in half.

On a single 5,000-barrel-per-day operation, that means increased revenues of approximately 8 dollars per barrel, or around 14.6 million dollars per year (based on 100 dollars/bbl Brent oil).

Here’s the game-
changing difference:

Until now, heavy oil has been processed with the use of a de-asphalting solvent that separates the insoluble hydrocarbons from the component known as asphaltenes, which contains concentrations of Nickel, Vanadium and Sulfur.

The hydrocarbons are then filtered from the asphaltenes and the hydrocarbons are piped off to a refinery. It’s a costly, toxic and energy-intensive process that has severely handicapped the development of the world’s 6 trillion barrel heavy oil reserves.

Don’t wait until big oil
makes a move to load up on this game-changer

With all the benefits the Petrosonic technology represents, you should expect heavy oil producers to begin lining up to integrate the Petrosonic system at their own cost into their treatment facilities. Petrosonic would sell a license to use its technology in return for a royalty fee.

While revenue per facility will be less (estimated at 50%), no capital will be required and needed support would be minimal. This strategy would allow rapid growth. Where Petrosonic sees a competitive advantage and economics and risks warrant, it may develop its own stand-alone facilities and possibly entertain equity in the resource plays itself to capture further upside and long term value creation.

Based on an equivalent stand-alone basis for 1 new 5,000 bopd facility each year for the next 5 years commencing in 2016, the Company's EBITDA would increase to over 200 million dollars annually after 5 years.

As the technology is scalable and repeatable, Petrosonic is actively pursuing heavy oil resource opportunities, especially in those regions globally where there is stranded heavy oil that can benefit from the Company’s low cost upgrading technology.

Given the relative ease of integration and transportation, the process is designed to be easily applicable to the upstream and midstream constituents. As a result, business models can take on various forms:

  • Oil Producers: Decrease viscosity and need for diluents (oil thinners); improve quality; increase marketability; increase price.
  • Pipeline Operators: Decrease viscosity and need for diluent resulting in increased throughput.
  • Storage & Blending Operators: Increase yield and quality.
  • Refiners: Increase yield and quality. Rapid de-asphalting with less diluent and less cost, de-bottleneck refinery.

But don't wait to buy PSON until these big
players discovers it first...explosive returns only
go to early movers.

One of the critical factors I always look for with a small-cap opportunity like this is who’s at the helm, what have they done in the past, and how much of their own future is riding on the success of the new venture.

Oil-hungry China has already made a 15.1 BILLION dollar move on North America’s heavy oil. It’s going to need this technology.

It’s no secret, China needs to import oil to keep growing its economy, which could overtake the U.S. as the world's largest as soon as this year.

Despite China’s recent economic slowdown, in the long-term, China’s consumption of oil will continue to grow while its production and reserves diminish. And that’s going to create an ongoing crisis in worldwide oil markets and put relentless pressure on oil producers everywhere to find and develop new sources of oil.

According to the BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2014, released on June 16, 2014, the world's oil consumption increased 1.4% in 2013.

But, in China alone, the growth was a whopping 3.8%, over 170% greater than the rest of the world.

China consumed 10.756 million barrels/day, or 12.1% of world consumption. Analysts attribute the higher growth in oil consumption to the development of China's economic conditions and economic structure.

Data Source:
BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2014

China's Oil Production Can’t Begin to Keep Up

Against consumption of 10.756 million barrels/day, China's oil production in 2013 was only 4.18 million barrels per day.

Since the U.S. Energy Information Administration projects that China is likely to surpass the U.S. in annual net oil imports in 2014, and considering that consumption of other developing countries like, India, South Korea, Brazil and others, is growing at a very high rate. . .

Data Source:
BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2014

. . .all of the world’s oil majors are going to be hard pressed to meet demand.

According to the same BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2014, the total of China's proved oil reserves rose from 13.35 billion barrels in 1980 to 18.1 billion barrels in 2013. China's proved reserves ranked 14th in the world, but (and this is a shocker) they are equivalent to only 4.61 years of China's consumption rate in 2013.

And, as every energy investor can instantly see. . .that is a very serious problem not only for China, but for the rest of the world.

Add to the mix, India’s similar oil imbalance, and you’ve got the makings of an imminent and cataclysmic global shortage of oil.

It means. . .

The big oil companies must increasingly turn to heavy oil reserves.

And that is going to put Petrosonic in the big-oil spotlight.

To meet its growing short fall, China is already turning to the heavy oil deposits of Canada.

China National Offshore Oil Corporation, the state-run oil giant known as CNOOC, paid 15 billion U.S. dollars for Canadian heavy oil producer Nexen in 2013.

Nexen had an interest in more than 300,000 acres in Canada’s Athabasca region, with an estimated 3 to 6 billion barrels of contingent recoverable oil sands resource.

Now that the deal has gone through, both Canada and China are faced with how to get all that Alberta heavy oil to Canada’s west coast for shipping by tanker across the Pacific.

Remember, the proposed Keystone Pipeline? Regardless of whether it ever gets approved or not, the whole reason for it was to get Canadian oil to U.S. southern states. And what did the Canadians do immediately after an early deal for that pipeline was killed? They threatened to build a pipeline to their west coast and sell their oil to the Chinese.

Like I said earlier, expect to see Chinese engineers and tech firms courting Petrosonic for the rights to manufacture and distribute the patented Petrosonic technology (not to mention the right to license it to other players in the energy industry). At a cost savings of 8-14 dollars a barrel, China could save billions of dollars by using on-site sonic reactors to make its newly acquired heavy oil pipe-line ready.

I did some digging and it’s obvious that Petrosonic has assembled a strong management, financial and technical team to fast-track the company’s reputation and industry penetration.

The Petrosonic management team has been built carefully on the basis of ability to bring key management expertise. The team contains the essential entrepreneurial energy required to build the company and yet retains internally the experience of proven performers that can ensure the company adapts quickly to both business and technical situations.

Art Agolli
-- Chief Executive Officer & Director

Mr. Agolli has more than 16 years experience successfully developing heavy oil and energy projects. He was Co-Founder and VP of Bankers Petroleum Ltd. from its inception in 2004 until August 2008. Bankers Petroleum grew to a 2.3 billion dollar market capitalization company during his time with the company. Bankers Petroleum has a 100% working interest and is the operator of the largest onshore heavy oil field in Europe (Albania) with original oil in place of 8.5 billion barrels.

Agolli also played an important role with BNK Petroleum, a Toronto Stock Exchange listed company that was spun off from Bankers Petroleum in 2008. Mr. Agolli played a key role in BNK Petroleum’s entry into Poland where the company has one of the largest shale gas land positions in the country and in Europe. BNK Petroleum grew from a start up to a 700 million dollar market capitalization company.

He is also the Founder and Chairman of BA Capital, a merchant bank serving the oil and gas industry, as well as Co-Founder of Sonoro Energy, a Canadian TSX listed oil company with operations in Iraq.

Mr. Agolli was previously a business development executive with Koch Industries, the largest privately held company in North America. He holds a Masters Degree in Management from Grand Valley State University (Michigan, USA) and an International Relations and Business Degree from the same university. He is a member of the Association of International Petroleum Negotiators (Houston, USA).

Steve Krasnyak
-- Senior Technical Advisor, P. Eng.

Steve Krasnyak has 35+ years of experience as a processes petroleum engineer. He was the founder of Colt Engineering, one of the largest engineering firms in Canada. Colt Engineering started with 12 employees and grew to 5,500 when it was acquired by Worley Parsons for 1.2 billion dollars in 2010. He is currently a senior technical expert for Worley Parsons Canada. Steve is the author of around 36 patents worldwide and is also the author of a Fischer Trops bitumen based GTL and upgrading technology.

Richard Rutkowski
-- Director

Mr. Rutkowski is the Chairman, CEO and co-founder of NASDAQ-listed Clearsign Combustion Corporation, a development stage company that designs and develops technologies that enhance the energy efficiency, emissions control, and fuel flexibility characteristics of combustion systems worldwide. Richard is also the former CEO and co-founder of Microvision, Inc., a leader in optical beam-scanning display and imaging systems.

Vangjel Moco
-- Technical Manager, Albania

Mr. Moco is a petroleum engineer with 34 years of experience in heavy oil operations in Albania. Mr. Moco was the Chief Engineer for the Albanian National Oil Company (Albpetrol) and for the past 12 years has been working for various international oil and gas companies operating in Albania.

Claudio Arato
-- Technology Consultant

Mr. Arato is a chemical Engineer with more than 17 years of experience. For the past 7 years, he has been the Technology Director for Sonoro Energy. Mr. Arato is one of the authors of the various patents for the Petrosonic technology and has been a key contributor to the commercialization of the technology.

Paul Sharpe
-- Intellectual Property Advisor

Paul Sharpe is a Partner with Perley-Robertson, Hill & McDougall LLP in Ottawa, Canada. He is recognized as one of the top Intellectual Property lawyers in Canada. He is also a Board member of Karnalyte Resources, a Canadian potash mining company listed in TSX.

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